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SysML 101 - Model-Based Engineering - Fundamentals: Understanding SysML Models

The next offering of this 1-day course is as follows (back-to-back with SysML 201):

NOTE: Follow this link for registration, pricing, and further information: DEF4508P.

This application-oriented course is developed and offered in conjunction with InterCAX LLC.

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These short courses are highlighted in our INCOSE IW10 MBSE presentation (MSI Challenge Team), which includes rover competition photos from one of our onsite offerings at NASA JPL. This presentation also highlights other SysML/MBE/MBSE educational efforts and related research and applications.

What practitioners are saying about our SysML courses for MBE/MBSE ...

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the course." — Senior Systems Engineer, Fort Worth, TX
  • "Fun class - I especially liked the hands-on exercises and [the rover] project." — Lead Systems Engineer, Pasadena CA.
  • “I enjoyed the class, and I'm finding application for it immediately here. Good practical stuff!” — Software Design Engineer, Dayton OH.
  • “GREAT course!! Learned a lot and had fun.” — Lab Director, Huntsville AL.
  • "Very informative." — Test Engineer, Pasadena CA.
  • “I really enjoyed this course ... you were able to answer all questions very effectively.” — Project Lead, Albuquerque NM.

Course Administrator: For more information about this course or an offering at your location, contact Russell Peak at 404-894-7572 or russell.peak@gatech.edu.

Our instructors have been involved with the development of SysML from the beginning and include exam authors for the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) program. OMG Certification Logo