SysML 105 - Model User Concepts and OCSMP Level 1 Exam Preparation

New course in 2012!

The next offerings of this 5-session web course (totaling 13 hours of live interaction) are as follows:

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This model-based engineering course builds on concepts presented in SysML 101 by helping participants to:

(1) Sharpen and extend SysML concepts for daily work applications, and
(2) Prepare for the OCSMP Model User (Level 1) exam.

Topic reviews and added material lead to a deeper and broader understanding of concepts covered in SysML 101 (including how to interpret constructs on all 9 types of SysML diagrams). Participants take a mini practice quiz for each topic, and we discuss the answers to provide invaluable insights. We explain the structure and thought processes behind the OCSMP exams and describe strategies to ensure you pass the Level 1 exam with flying colors!

Note: Instructors are members of the OCSMP exam authoring committee.