"Collage of products and systems: architecture, biomedical, aerospace, automotive, robotics, electronics, and shipping"


2007 Frontiers in Design & Simulation Workshop

Wednesday, May 16, 2007.
(with social event on Tuesday evening after the CPDA workshop)
Georgia Institute of Technology Campus
Atlanta, GA

Speaker: Scott Woyak

President and CEO Phoenix Integration

Talk: How to explore and optimize systems of systems?

System of Systems analysis can be used to investigate and design complex systems and scenarios such as those associated with Network Centric Operations (NCO) and Future Combat Systems (FCS). Presentation topics included: What is Systems of Systems analysis and why is it important? How does Systems of Systems analysis change the way we do Modeling and Simulation? Integrating simulation frameworks (HLA, Flames, Extend, STK, etc) with analysis tools (Matlab, Excel, Price, etc). Performing trades that compare multiple architectures. Practical tools you can apply today.