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2008 Frontiers in Design & Simulation Workshop

Wednesday May 14, 2008
(with social event on Tuesday May 13 evening after the CPDA workshop)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta Campus


This workshop series is organized by the Georgia Tech Product & Systems Lifecycle Management Center (GIT PSLM Center) in cooperation with Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA)

The combined event consists of two workshops:

  • Workshop on Developing a Design/Simulation Framework (Tue May 13 with May 12 evening event) organized by CPDA's Design/Simulation Council
  • Workshop on Frontiers in Design & Simulation (Wed May 14, with May 13 evening event) organized by the Georgia Tech PSLM Center


Georgia Tech's Global Learning & Conference Center
84 Fifth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Theme: Model-Based Systems Engineering and SysML

Over the last decade, the development of many types of products has evolved into a systems integration problem.  Large numbers of sub-systems are integrated to achieve unparalleled functionality and reliability at an ever decreasing cost.  To continue this trend, there is a need for computer-based support that allows the knowledge and expertise of many domain experts to be shared, managed, and applied towards the thorough exploration of different system architectures while considering complex trade-offs between multiple objectives under uncertainty. Supporting this complex endeavor is the focus of model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

In this workshop, we will explore methodologies and state-of-the-art tools that address key aspects of MBSE (with an emphasis on OMG SysML), together with emerging example applications, including:

  • How to model and support system-level design decisions in SysML, including visualizing trade spaces, maintaining requirements traceability, and managing measures of effectiveness (MOEs).
  • How to achieve effective modeling & simulation interoperability (MSI) in environments with a diversity of disciplines, fidelities, and tools.
  • How to manage models for reuse, including modularity principles, building block libraries, and knowledge capture.
  • How to support interactive modeling & simulation in collaborative contexts (e.g., interactive model construction and simulation execution during live working sessions).
  • Example SysML-based applications of these concepts in practice, including lessons learned and recommended approaches.

This Workshop targets industrial practitioners who are interested in learning about leading edge methods and tools for model-based systems design, and academics who are interested in exploring how they can bridge the gap between current research topics and industry practice. The workshop will allow for in-depth discussions based on presentations by invited speakers and panelists.


Tuesday May 13
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Dinner and Networking at Ecco (following the CPDA workshop). Requires separate ticket purchase during the below registration process (subject to a 30-person limit) .

Wednesday May 14
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Below is the final program. Abstracts, biosketches, panel descriptions are available on the Proceedings page. Presentations will also be posted there as an archive of the workshop.

Agendas and presentations from past Frontiers workshops are available via the workshop series page.

7:00 AM 00 Registration Check-In and Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Steve Danyluk
Director, Manufacturing Research Center.
Professor and Morris M. Bryan Jr. Chair for Advanced Manufacturing
Systems in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering (Georgia Tech).

8:15 AM


Applying SysML to Analyze and Design Large Complex Systems
John Watson (Lockheed Martin).

9:00 AM 03 Deployment of SysML in Tools and Architectures: An Industry Perspective
Rick Steiner (Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems).
9:45 AM 04 Break
10:00 AM 05

Panel: Tool Vendor Perspectives: SysML Thus Far.
   - Artisan Software: Lonnie VanZandt
   - No Magic Inc.: Jim Rice
   - Sparx Systems: Sam Mancarella [1]
   - Telelogic: Peter Hoffmann

11:20 AM 06 SysML Parametrics and Progress Towards Multi-Solvers and Next-Generation Object-Oriented Spreadsheets
Dirk Zwemer and Manas Bajaj (InterCAX).
12:05 PM 07 Break
Pickup box set for working lunch in conference room
12:25 PM 08 Panel: Towards the Convergence of MBSE and PLM/CAD/CAE/CAM.
   - Dassault: Thierry Ambroisine
   - PTC: Mark Field
   - Siemens/UGS: Wayne Collier
1:45 PM 09 Digging up Dirt on SysML for Modeling & Simulation Interoperability
Russell Peak and Chris Paredis (Georgia Tech).
2:30 PM 10 Break and Poster Session
Includes topics from Georgia Tech's excavator testbed, the INCOSE MBSE Challenge Mechatronics & Interoperability Team, and other MBSE/SysML-related efforts.
3:15 PM 11 The Space Systems Working Group MBSE Grand Challenge Team and MBSE at JPL
Chris Delp (NASA JPL).
4:00 PM 12 Closing Panel & Wrap-up
All speakers & panelists
4:30 PM 13


Thursday May 15
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Following the Frontiers 2008 workshop, we will host an informal SysML specification-oriented working session (re: OMG SysML Revision Task Force (RTF) efforts and related topics).  This event is co-organized with SysML RTF Chair Roger Burkhart (Deere) and will be held in the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Research Center (MARC). Contact Russell.Peak@gatech.edu if you would like to participate in this working session (there is no registration fee for this Thu May 15 working session, but we need to get an accurate headcount).


Registration for the both the Tuesday and Wednesday workshops is available here via CPDA.


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Organizing Committee

Russell Peak Workshop Co-Chair Russell.Peak@gatech.edu
Chris Paredis Workshop Co-Chair Chris.Paredis@gatech.edu
Leon McGinnis Workshop Advisor Leon.McGinnis@gatech.edu
Lisa Teasley GIT Administrative

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