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INCOSE MBSE Challenge Team for Modeling & Simulation Interoperability (MSI)

Initiated in Summer 2007, this project is developing and demonstrating techniques for advanced model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in particular and model-based X1 (MBX) in general. This work is part of the Modeling & Simulation Interoperability Team in the INCOSE MBSE Challenge. Representative application domains include mechatronics, other cyber-physical systems, and beyond.

Experiences and lessons learned are emerging from an excavator testbed that interconnects simulation models with associated diverse system models, design models, and manufacturing models. Our method employs SysML as the primary technology to achieve multi-level multi-fidelity interoperability, while at the same time leveraging conventional modeling & simulation tools including mechanical CAD, factory CAD, spreadsheets, math solvers, finite element analysis (FEA), discrete event solvers, and optimization tools.

This work has been sponsored to date by several organizations including Deere and Lockheed Martin, and we welcome additional collaboration.

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[1] The X in MBX includes engineering (MBE), manufacturing (MBM), and potentially other scopes and contexts such as model-based enterprises (MBE).